Improve your business - Install, Reuse, Recycle!

The SOS Erosion panel is a patented design with inter-locking hinges. It is:

- Easily installed: The SOS Erosion panel arrives pre-constructed & is easy to set up.

- Easy to stock/ship: The collapsible design makes them easy to ship, stock, & deliver to your jobsite.

- Customizable: The multiple panel sizes can be assembled to fit multiple structures & fill many needs.

- Cost-Efficient: Reuse & recycle the panels as needed.

The staff and owners that form the Specialist On Sediment Erosion Company have been affiliated with the erosion business for 10+ years and the construction business for 20+ years. We have worked with companies both private and commercial on state and local levels. Through the years, we have experienced many different types of erosion problems and the failure of commonly-used products. With the experience and knowledge gained, we are introducing the S.O.S. erosion panels. The panels are capable of out-performing most products on the market today.
As an Asset based Carrier, brokerage, & warehousing, We offer a broad range of moving services including:

-TL Freight

-LTL Freight

-Expedited Freight

-Warehousing, and more!

If you're not sure which shipping method is going to be suitable for your cargo, or you'd like to look further into the different services, contact us, and we will offer you all the information you need, and get you started with where you are needing to go!

We here at EPI Logistics, team with your company to ensure your warehousing and distribution needs are met and surpassed.  We understand all your customers are unique, as are your supply chain requirements.  We provide customized solutions and services that allow you to maximize efficiencies, reduce costs and improve accuracy.

We help you match the most effective delivery method while maintaining cost efficiencies and providing continued reliability to your customers.  Public warehousing and storage plans are available to meet your business challenges.

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